/krowsiyeriyss/ A cross-bearer, who went before the prelate

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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  • crociarius — /krowsiyeriyss/ A cross bearer, who went before the prelate …   Black's law dictionary

  • crozier — late 13c., from O.Fr. crocier, from M.L. crociarius bearer of a cross, from crocia cross; also from O.Fr. croisier one who bears or has to do with a cross (see CROSS (Cf. cross)). The two words merged in Middle English. Technically, the bearer of …   Etymology dictionary

  • crozier — /ˈkroʊziə/ (say krohzeeuh) noun 1. the pastoral staff of a bishop or an abbot, hooked at one end like a shepherd s crook. 2. Botany the circinate young frond of a fern. Also, crosier. {shortened form of crosier staff, staff carried by the crosier …  

  • crozier —    This word (from the Latin crociarius, meaning bearer of a cross ) originally referred to the person who carried the pastoral staff of a bishop or abbot, but now commonly refers to the pastoral staff itself, which symbolizes the pastoral care… …   Glossary of theological terms

  • crociary — Eccl. (ˈkrəʊʃɪərɪ) [ad. med.L. crociarius, f. crocia crosier.] ‘The person who carried the crosier before the abbot or bishop’ (Ash 1775) …   Useful english dictionary

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